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Sample Prompts
To Get Started

Insights Prompts

Sample prompts for your psych evals.

Want to make your report more parent and consumer-friendly?

Tell Sophia: "Make this summary parent-friendly"

Want a legally defensible report?

Try: "How can I make my report legally defensible?"

Need your report to be strength-based?

Say "Rewrite & and use strength-based language”

Need to interpret assessment scores?

"Hey Sophia, interpret these scores from the BASC for me.

IEP Prompts

Sample prompts for your IEPs & goals.

Need an executive functioning goal?

"Write an executive functioning goal for a 7th-grade student struggling to shift between tasks."

Looking for an academic goal?

Try: “Give me two goals for a third-grade student struggling with basic math facts at grade level.”

Looking for strategies for emotional regulation?

“Give me an IEP goal along with 3 objectives for a 4th grader who struggles with reading fluency and put it in a table.”

Need talking points for your next IEP meeting?

"Sophia, give me talking points I can use for my IEP meeting."

Sample prompts for your recommendations.

Recommendation Prompts

Need an evidence-based intervention for reading?

Ask Sophia: "Recommend a reading strategy for a 4th grader behind grade level."

Struggling to support a student's behavior?

Try: "Sophia, suggest an intervention for a student frequently interrupting class."

Looking for strategies for emotional regulation?

You can ask: “Sophia, what's a good intervention for a student struggling with anxiety?”

Need a quick best practice?

"Hey, Sophia, give me a CASEL signature practice for a closing activity."

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