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Enroll in our SPAI Enterprise Program to advance the practice of school psychologists.

Over 12,000 School Psychologists Are Using School Psych AI.

School Psych AI (SPAI Enterprise Program)

Early Adopter Pricing

  • The SPAI Enterprise Pilot Program runs for approximately 1-year, ending on February 28, 2025

  • Enrollment in the program ends on February 29, 2024.

  • The cost for the pilot is $275 per user.

    • Includes a 1-hour virtual PD introducing your staff to AI and how to get started.​

Scroll to see what's included in the Pilot Program below...

Why School Psych AI?

  • Built by a School Psychologist for School Psychologists. Our team comprises School Psychologists, and our CTO (engineer) is married to a School Psychologist! SPAI is the first AI-powered platform designed by and for school psychologists.

  • A massive community of 12k School Psychologists helped build the platform. The SPAI community provides continuous feedback regarding tools, functionality, and usage of the platform, ensuring the platform meets the needs of School Psychologists.

  • The most used and loved platform for School Psychs worldwide. Over 12k School Psychs embrace AI with our platform and growing daily.

  • All of the tools you need to do your job in one place. These tools are updated regularly based on user feedback.

  • The BEST customer service experience. We know tech doesn’t always work. You will have fast customer service to resolve the issue when it doesn't. Even better, the person resolving your issue is likely a School Psychologist who deeply understands your needs.

  • Less paperwork and more heartwork. Because SPAI was created by School Psychologists, we understand the burden and frustration of not having enough time. Burnout is real! We strive to reduce burnout, reduce paperwork, and bring back your passion to make a difference in the lives of your school community.

What's Included in the SPAI Enterprise Pilot?

  • Phase I (February 2024 through June 2024)

    • Access to SPAI Premium for your Psych Department (priced per psych).

    • 1-hour virtual training - intro to getting started with AI for School Psychs.

    • Downloadable Prompt Playbook:  Access to prompt library in printable format.

    • Digital Interactive Prompt Library: A prompt library curated by school psychologists.

    • 24/7 Customer Support: Receive round-the-clock assistance for uninterrupted service.

    • Sophia Chatbot - is your personal School Psych chatbot. Sophia has been trained on school psych best practices, research, recommendations, and interventions. 

    • Sophia Summarizer: Sophia Summarizer is a tool that summarizes lengthy psychological evaluations into a condensed 1-2 page summary. The summary can be crafted for parents, IEP teams, and administrators. You can access Sophia for unlimited use with a Premium subscription. 

    • Sophia Report Writer: Sophia Report Writer©️ automates school psychological report writing, providing user-friendly narratives and data visualizations for clear, parent-friendly communication.

    • Early Access to New Features: Immediate access to the latest AI tools and updates.

  • Phase 2 (July 2024 through February 2025)

    • Premium usage, as outlined above

    • Enterprise Dashboard

      • Access to Files

      • Messenger (securely contact your colleagues)

      • Caseload management tools

        • Manage caseload/ tracker

        • Caseload calculator

      • Calendar

    • Administrative Dashboard

  • Add/ manage users

  • User analytics

    • Total users

    • Active users

    • Session usage (last 7/30 days)

    • Caseload

      • Open, pending, closed, overdue

Apply here to shape the future of School Psychology and enroll in the SPAI Enterprise Pilot

You can also email Byron if you have questions!

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