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School Psych AI Guiding Principles

Setting the Standard of Practice

We believe these six guiding principles should guide AI use in the field of school psychology, education, and solution development.

Welcome to the Guiding Document of the School Psych AI Ethics Council.

This document establishes a clear framework for the ethical use and development of AI in school psychology. Our primary aim is to ensure that AI technology supports students in a way that is fair, safe, and respects their privacy. We recognize the unique position we are in as leaders in integrating AI into school psychology. With this comes the responsibility to set a high ethical standard. Our guiding principles are crafted to help professionals navigate this new territory, ensuring that the introduction of AI tools into educational settings is done thoughtfully and responsibly.

Our focus on fairness and equity is about actively reducing biases in AI to ensure every student benefits, regardless of their background. This involves careful consideration of the data and algorithms we use, striving for representation and fairness across all demographics.

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