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SPAI Pricing Options

SPAI Starter Transparent.png

To get  started with SPAI Premium, first sign-up for a free account by clicking the button above. Once you have an account and can access the platform, then, click the button "upgrade to premium" to start your 7-day free trial.

SPAI Starter
SPAI Premium
SPAI Enterprise
Unified Interface
User Roadmap
Access to Sophia
Customer Support
IEP Goal
Flexible Cancellation
Access New Features
Multiple Threads
Printable Prompt Playbook
Advanced Model
Report Writing Tools
24/7 Customer Support
Monthly or Annual Pay
Digital Prompt Library
Priority Access to Events
Sophia Summarizer™
Detailed Analytics
Integrated Dashboard
Sophia Report Writer©
Exclusive discount
1-hour virtual PD
Case management tracking
Early access to new tools
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