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School Psych AI Premium

Welcome to the era of less paperwork and more heartwork.

SPAI Premium features Sophia Summarizer©, unlimited access (threads & prompts), Integrated Prompt Library, and future features.

Sophia Summarizer©

“Sophia, Summarize this 30-page psych report to two pages.”

Sophia Summarizer is a tool that summarizes lengthy psychological evaluations into a condensed 1-2 page summary. The summary can be crafted for parents, IEP teams, and administrators. You can access Sophia for unlimited use with a Premium subscription.


Less Paperwork. More Heartwork.

Designed by School Psychologists, for School Psychologists, so that you can actually do your job as a School Psychologist!

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Powered By AI to Help School Psychs Save Time!

With School Psych AI, school psychologists can create comprehensive, strength-based, and legally defensible reports quickly. Dedicate more time to students and less to paperwork.

At School Psych AI, we are committed to providing tools, resources, and professional development for school psychologists (and other educators too). Our first tool, Sophia Assists is your personal school psychologist chatbot, designed by a school psychologist and for school psychologist! The best part, Sophia is 100% free. Simply sign-up to access and get started saving time on your reports today. 


Sophia Video Demo

Watch this demo of Sophia in action to learn how to leverage AI to help you write reports, develop IEP goals and objectives, and craft individualized student recommendations.

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Wisdom in Every Interaction. Sophia is derived from the Greek word for wisdom. 


She's like having an expert-level School Psychologist, always ready to assist you.


Whether crafting evaluation sections, summarizing complex statements, helping to differentiate between IDEA classifications, conducting data analysis, creating talking points for IEP meetings, or providing evidence-based recommendations, Sophia is here to assist you - 24/7, allowing for a more dedicated focus on students.


More time to do what you love

Are you overwhelmed with evals, report-writing, IEPs, creating intervention plans, searching, or manually creating individualized recommendations? We get it. You don't have time. That's why School Psych AI is here.


School Psych AI (SPAI) uses OpenAI, the engine behind ChatGPT, to create AI tools for school psychologists and other educators. We provide tools, tutorials, and chatbots designed to help with everyday tasks. Check out our first tool, Sophia Assists -- your personalized school psych assistant! The best part... Sophia is completely FREE for School Psychs!

Sophia Assists: Your Free Personalized School Psych Assistant

Sophia Insights

With Sophia's insights, anchored in legally defensible report writing, you can swiftly interpret, analyze, and craft thorough psychological evaluations, saving valuable time.

Sophia Goals

Drawing from thousands of IEP goals and objectives, Sophia crafts individualized, tailored IEP goals and objectives, which are clear and measurable, in the blink of an eye.

Sophia Recommends

Sophia provides individualized, detailed, measurable recommendations and interventions based on hundreds of evidence-based practices.

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Since integrating Sophia into my workflow, I've cut down my report writing time by half. Not only is she precise, but her ability to interpret complex data sets is unmatched. I now have more time to focus directly on my students
What was life before this?? Scratch that because I'm never going back! I was initially skeptical about how an AI could assist in such a nuanced field. But Sophia has been a game-changer. Her individualized recommendations have been spot-on, and she’s become my go-to for evaluation summaries.
Starting my internship was daunting, especially with the weight of report writing looming. Sophia has been a lifeline! Her insights and ability to break down complex evaluations have given me confidence as I officially begin my career as a school psychologist.

Dr. Emily R.

Mrs. Lara

Ms. Moreno

What Can Sophia Do For You?

Sophia is like having all the knowledge about the field of school psychology and special education at your fingertips. Her broad spectrum of expertise ranges from writing recommendation sections for evaluations to nuanced interpretations of autism or behavioral scores.

Provide Expert Support in Writing Psychoeducational Summaries

Lean on Sophia to distill detailed information into concise, meaningful summaries tailored for your students.

Rapidly Interpret Complex Assessment Data

Sophia deciphers intricate data points with precision, transforming them into actionable insights.

Offer Tailored Recommendations and Interpret Report Findings

Sophia's knowledge base enables her to provide custom strategies and explanations for diverse student profiles.

Help You Understand NASP Domains of Practice

Sophia offers guidance on the NASP's 10 practice domains, simplifying their intricacies and helping you apply them effectively in your work.

Sophia's Ethical Responsibility & Guiding Principles

Affirmation, assistance overload, and clear disclaimers guide every interaction. Sophia recognizes your expertise, offers deeper insights when needed, and ensures you're always reminded of the importance of professional discretion.

Sophia always prioritizes the ethical considerations intrinsic to the field of psychology. She offers guidance while emphasizing the importance of discretion, confidentiality, and the well-being of students and stakeholders. Her recommendations or interpretations are rooted in widely accepted ethical standards, ensuring that users are reminded of their ethical obligations in their professional practice.

Sophia is built on strong ethical principles from the field of psychology. She actively addresses racial bias in AI, promoting culturally responsive approaches. With her guidance, school psychologists and educators can better understand and meet the unique needs of diverse students. Through affirmation, discretion, and clear guidelines, Sophia ensures that educational decisions are both inclusive and informed.

In Need of Professional Development?

Dr. McClure is available for in-person and virtual speaking engagements. He offers a variety of professional learning series to help educators, mental health professionals, school leaders, community partners, and parents.


Topics are fully customizable and designed to help you practically get started with implementing strength-based practices, reducing rates of disproportionality, and improving the social-emotional, and academic development of youth.

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Save Time Writing Reports and Begin Now!

Are you ready to take back your time? If so, get started today using Sophia to help write strength-based, legally defensible reports, goals, and objectives for IEPs, develop individualized recommendations, create talking points for IEPs, make your reports consumer friendly, and more! 

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